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Welcome to the official website of Author V. Domino. As a romance Author, my mission in life is to tell stories of all kinds and giving my readers a place to escape to.

A fictional land where the coffee never runs dry and the HEA's always happen.

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Story of Author V. Domino

People always ask me, 'what made you become an author?' 

The answer is probably not what people expect but its my truth nonetheless. When I was little, my father used to make up the wildest stories. Some of his tales stuck with me, like the two headed snake who lost his cape. Or the little girl who was able to put humpty back together again. 

It was because of his wild imagination that I decided to become an author.

Spreading the imagination...only my stories are for mature readers only ;-)


Raiding Road: Cutthroat MC, book I

Release date: October 1, 2020


I killed my alpha. 

I stabbed him in the chest and ran from my pack. But what else could I do? It was one life to save the many. But let me take you to the beginning, give you a better understanding of how I came to be running through the woods with my own pack mates after my head. 

My name is Jaz Monroe. 

I grew up in the Raider Pack when I was found alone as a baby. I loved my pack and I wanted to be something special for the people who accepted me in. So, I grew into one of the Alpha’s strongest warriors, top female beta, and hoped to become commander on Choosing Night. 

Then Dark Bloods, an evil pack of creatures, began to lurke in our woods, hunting and killing our werewolves without mercy. I knew then that the Ancients brought me here, to this specific pack, for a reason.

To top it off, Alpha Cree began to change for the worst, ruling us all with an iron fist and making us fight each other in the vicious fighting pits. It was then I knew he had been possessed by the wickedness of the Dark Bloods. 

So, when Choosing Night finally arrived and I was chosen to be the broodmare to my evil Alpha...Yeah, I wasn’t having that. He was no longer the man I knew.

Using my ability to disobey an Alpha’s command—I’m the only one who has that gift—I stabbed him and made my escape.

But running like a coward was not what I was doing. I had a pack to save, and to do that, I needed to find the legendary True Alphas.

But as the Ancients would have it, my world and all I thought I knew, would be changed into a truth I fear I’m not strong enough to face. 



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