Published Books


Raiding Road (Cutthroat MC, Book I)

July 9th 2021

"Death must have vengeance."

Paranormal romance of werewolves with an MC twist.

The story follows Jaz and Roman, two Alpha werewolves. An evil group looking to tear their world apart.


Blood Crow (The Crow Sisters, book I)

October 2020

"The hellhounds have found us, sisters."

Paranormal romance with Hellhounds and Vampires. The story follows Ronny Crow and Drug Hound, mortal enemies turn fated mates.


River Crow (The Crow Sisters, book II)

October 2021

"May the River Crow die the death of a witch."

Paranormal romance. Vampires and Hellhounds.

This story follows Roxy Crow and Drac Hound.

Blurb and cover coming August 2021


Sing to Me (Dark Renzetti series, book I)

June 2020

"She has her mother's sweet face, but her father's deadly knife skills."

Mafia Romance!

This story follows a girl named Anastasia Romano with a dark past and the Mafia Prince Gavriel Renzetti with his future written in stone.


Fight for Me (Dark Renzetti series, book II)

September 2020

"To live in a world of smiles while your heart slowly dies, is a torture unlike any other."

Mafia romance!

This story follows Luca 'Twitch' Romano and Neviah 'Silver' Mazzi. Two hardcore underground street fighters.


Fate's Dice (Chicago's Finest, book I)

February 2021

"Fate rolled her dice, and I'm not sure I can survive it."

Latin Mafia romance!

This story follows and average girl named Dice Garza

and Mafia Don, Leo Alonso.